Examination Pattern

The academics session starts from April of every year till March. The examination process is divided in two terms.

  • Two Formative assessments (FA - 1 and FA-2) and followed by Summative assessment SA-1 in the first term from the month of April to September.
  • Two Formative Assessments (FA-3 and FA-4) and followed by Summative assessment SA-2 in the second term from the month of October to March.
  • Various activity tests are included in every Formative assessment.
  • The term exams have distribution of marks in every field of education that helps the student to progress and nurture them. There are Reading skills, Writing skills, Speaking skills Listening skills assessments that helps in growth of healthy mind and soul.
  • Skills like Pronunciation, Fluency, Comprehensive writing and Reading, Creativity, Vocabulary, Grammar are the basics that helps the students to make their base strong.
  • Skills like Conversation, Communication, Recitation and Comprehensive ability helps the students to move forward in the Practical world of Living.